Challenge yourself in 70 levels of increasing difficulty from easy to insanely hard.
Make butterfly saves, kick saves, glove saves, blocker saves, skate saves and standup saves.
Includes many different challenges like one time shots, low and high shots, passing between shooters and intelligently aimed shots on goal.
Features fully 3D environments, lifelike goalie motions and realistic sound effects.
Hear the roar of the crowd as you make a save (or the boos of letting the puck slip through).
Choose from 5 different goalies, each with their own goaltending style.
Your choice of 5 different rinks, including a pro hockey arena or a frozen pond.
Over two dozen camera angles, including bird's eye and goalie's point of view.
Find out how fast your reflexes really are with the reaction time meter.
Amusing commentary praising your saves and mocking the shots you let through.